See The 14 Totally Genius Lies Nigerian Women Tell When Caught Cheating (Add Yours)

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Regardless of the reason, infidelity is devastating. Being unfaithful brings some long-hidden relationship problems to light.

For men, they are more likely to cheat more while some women cheat simply because of the level of satisfaction in her relationship. If a woman is unhappy in her relationship, she is more likely to cheat. Here are 14 ready-made answers Nigerian women give when caught cheating.

1. Baby am sorry

Most women hate to be at the receiving end when it comes to accepting faults. Once a lady is caught cheating she will be the first to tender her apology. Even when they know the apology at that moment is irrelevant.

2. It wasn’t me

After an attempt to apologize, they try to shift the blame. Most women when caught cheating will still summon the courage to deny their actions, even when you have photo proof.

3. It is the work of the devil

It is always the devil, in as much as Eve could blame the serpent (devil) for her actions. This statement is not always far from anyone caught in the act.

4. I don’t know what came over me

They try to hide under the pretence of “I don’t know what came over me”. The question is, were they possessed or hypnotised?

5. He is my uncle

When these women are caught, their cheating partners suddenly become their distant uncle you have never seen or heard about before. Uncle indeed!

6. He is just a friend

Even when caught in questionable position with the man, some of these women will still claim they are just friends. Aaaah! Continue, Diaris God.

7. It is not what it looks like

Imagine a woman caught in the act with another man and she is still telling you it is not what you think or what it looks likes, Chai! Were they acting Nollywood movie?

8. I don’t even know him

This statement is surely the exact opposite because how possible is it to cheat with somebody you don’t know. Whenever a women is caught cheating, she immediately denies her cheating partner.

9. It was an accident

It can only be an accident because she was caught. Most Nigerian women will admit it was an accident when they know that there is no way out of the situation.

10. He forced me

When the excuse of the incident being an accident did not work, the next for these women is to accuse her cheating partner of molestation.

11. It is your fault; you were not there for me

They blame their cheating on your absence. These Nigerian women are so good at their choice of words that you will believe them almost immediately.

12. I still love you, he is nobody to me

These Nigerian women will perfectly choose their words to convince you of their innocence. You will catch them cheating and they will still tell you the person is nobody to me.

13. Don’t you trust me

When they gain little confidence to tell you their cheating partner is nobody to them. Then they confront you with this statement, “Baby you don’t trust me?”

14. Please give me another chance

These women finally ask for a second chanced when they realise there is no excuse to justify their guilt. This is when they realise they need a second chance and begin to beg.

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