“I Have To Resist Different Temptations From Women” — ‘World’s Hottest Doctor’ Reveals (See His Photos)l

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One very attractive plastic surgeon has earned himself the unofficial title of ‘World’s Hottest Doctor’. Vasilije Vujovic, 28, from Belgrade in Serbia, has seen his popularity soar as his good looks earned him an online following. The father-of-one admits that it also makes him very popular with females in the operating theatre – but his professional ethics make him turn down any advances.

Dr Vujovic says that sometimes he has ‘problems’ at work because of his appearance and he says:’You have to resist different temptations.

‘I have difficulties because of it, but a man has to learn how to handle all that. ‘It doesn’t matter what a person looks like. The most important is what you know to do, and what is in your head, especially in a profession such as mine.’

He adds: ‘I don’t like aggressive girls. I like the kind girls. I want the girl to be interesting, fun and with sense of humour.

‘The physical appearance is not so important to me. I want to be in the company of that kind of woman. ‘The beauty is in the eye of the man who watches the girl, so what matters to me is that she is beautiful to me.’

He is currently working in the State hospital in the capital Belgrade where he is a specialist in reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery.


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