Recipe: How To Prepare Plantain Fufu In Nigeria

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It been a while since I pen recipes, so I decided to share this Simple recipe, with the help of 9jafoodie.

Plantain is lower in calories and carbohydrate however it’s significantly higher in sugar than cassava. If you are counting calories or on a low carb diet, plantain fufu is a much better option however if you are sugar sensitive, stick with cassava based fufu.

*. 1 large unripe plantain

*. 2/3 cup water

Directions for Cooking
*. Peel and cut the plantain into small pieces

*.Combine plantain and water in a blender. puree to a smooth paste.

*. Pour the plantain puree into a pot, set on high heat

*. Stir the mixture with a spatula until the puree begin to cuddle. Reduce the heat to medium and continue to stir until you have a stretchy dough

*. Serve the fufu and set aside to cool (this will harden the fufu a little more)

Enjoy with your choice of soup.

Note: If you will prefer a darker color similar to Amala, simply freeze the fresh plantain before use.


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