[A Must Read] 5 Unbelievable Facts You Don’t Know About Séx

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Sex is such a big part of life, for some people it is life. It is the one percent we are obsessed with ninety nine percent of the time. But there are some facts about it that I bet will blow your mind.

Here are the five facts you don’t know about sex;

Unlike in magnetism, where like poles repel, human beings tend to be attracted to people who look like them. In a study, a group of straight men and women were presented with photos of the opposite $ex to rate in order of attractiveness. Included in the photos was the participant’s photo digitally changed to be that of the opposite $ex. Most participants found this digitally changed face to be the most attractive. Another research into the DNA of married couples found that up to a third of the participants had chosen a spouse with whom they shared DNA characteristics.

1. Lunacy

Women want more $ex during the full moon. A study has found that all around the world women’s menstruation cycles are most likely to start at the full moon when the skies are brightest during which time they are also at their freakiest. Fertility rates on the other hand peak during the darkest nights when the new moon is barely visible. This is due to the fact that light affects the production of a hormone involved in regulating a woman’s monthly cycle.

2. Killer High Heels

High heels give a woman that killer look, but they also kill her orgasm. While Dr. Maria Cerruto’s study claimed that a moderate pair of high heels strengthen the pelvic muscles that are directly linked to a woman’s orgasm, further research has led to the belief that stilettoes actually do the opposite. The arch of stilettoes mimics the way a woman’s pelvis tilts when nearing an orgasm, and after a time she may end up immune to the pleasure.

In the oft quoted words of Dr. Eden Fromberg of SoHo OBGYN, “an orgasm is like going from zero to 60. If you are already at 55 [from wearing high heels], you are not going to have a full experience”.

3. Suction Pumps

When a woman orgasms, she will feel some rhythmic contractions in her uterus. These pulsations have the purpose of helping suck s*men higher up into the v*gina making it easier for the sp*rm to swim to the egg. The contractions also help scoop up s*men that may have pooled in the back of the vagina to enhance fertility. These intense pulses happen about one to the second. Mild 0rgasms have about 3 to 4 pulses, but a big O packs 10 to 15 of them.

4. Swollen Nose

During intercourse, the inside of your nose will swell just as the BR*ASTS and genitals will. Infact, it is the only other part of the body with the ability to do so. This is because the inner tissue is made of the same erectile material as the pen*s.

5. Bonus Fact

There is enough sperm in a single man to make every fertile woman out there pregnant.



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