Indian Woman Gives Birth To Daughters Conjoined At The Head (Photos)

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An Indian woman has given birth to conjoined twin daughters who are fused at the head but have separate bodies. The babies, who face in the opposite direction, have a healthy set of limbs and vital organs. Sarifa Khatun, 35, and her husband Yakur Ali, from Assam in India, were told soon after the babies were born that they may also share one brain.

Dr Aatur Rahman, a pediatrician, believes a brain surgery could separate the children and help them live a normal life.

He said: ‘It is a rare case. The babies are stable and healthy and can be separated in a surgery. ‘But only a neurosurgeon can determine the complexity of their case. ‘We have referred them to an advanced hospital in Guwahati where a pediatric surgeon and neurosurgeon will look into their case.’

Ms. Khatun had to give birth at home when her waters broke because there was no transportation available in the village to take her to the hospital.

The distressed parents are now hoping for a surgery where their daughter can be separated.


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