Help! Women Always Cheat On Me After Seeing The Size Of My P*nis

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A man has cried out for help asking relationship expert Deidre how he can overcome a predicament because of the size of his p*nis.

I am the butt of jokes because of my small p*nis. I am 43 and every relationship I have ever had has ended with me being cheated on. I am sure this is because past partners have wanted to experience being with a “real man”.

My doctor told me to lose some weight, so I did. This has left me with folds of skin so I am even more self-conscious. My real problem, though, is that my penis measures three inches, though grows a bit more when erect.

This makes me a laughing stock and anxious about trying to have a relationship again. I have tried all the so-called magic pills but nothing makes any difference. I plucked up the courage to go to my doctor again but he said nothing can be done. I feel so worthless.


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