Chelsea Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois Mocks Tottenham After 2-1 Victory At Wembley

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Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, has mocked Tottenham Hotspurs fans for failing to create an atmosphere that could intimidate opposing teams.

The Belgian took a swipe at the fans’ attitude at their new home during Sunday’s Premier League match at Wembley.

He told reporters, “It feels a bit different because obviously their home ground is not this one. They have the capacity now to bring a lot of fans into the stadium.

“If they make more noise it would be better for them but in the first half, if you have to put some noise over the speakers to make some atmosphere, I don’t think it is working very well.

“In the second half they were pressing and 70,000 people started to wake up and there is obviously more than the 40,000 at White Hart Lane.

“The only difference is that they are more separate from the pitch than at White Hart Lane, when you feel more pressure when they are pressing and the pitch is smaller, that is probably better for them.”

He added that Chelsea were boosted by the opportunity to play Wembley, rather than be intimidated by it.

“Wembley is an amazing stadium. These stadiums make you want to play even better, it is like a Champions League game where you can rise above yourself.

“I think those stadiums make that and all the teams that come here, instead of being impressed, they will give more so for Spurs it won’t be easy but if they have their fans, with 80-90,000 people they can make it difficult for a lot of teams.”


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