8 Things You Must Do To Prosper In This Recession

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It’s no longer news that the Nigerian economy is in deep recession. What may surprise you, however, is that the recession is not the problem; our attitude to the recession is. Economies all over the world are controlled by market forces. Economies expand and then economies contract – just like the ebb and flow of ocean waves. The key factor that will determine how long this recession lasts is our collective psyche as a people. While business activities may have seriously declined, the worse kind of decline is a negative attitude. Unless we change our mind-set, things may never change – even when circumstances around us improve! If you want to prosper in this recession, you must begin to see possibility where others see nothing.


Each of us has within us giant reservoirs of latent abilities, powers, talents, and strengths. One of the advantages of a recession is that it can force us to look within. Hard times don’t come to destroy us; hard times come to reinforce us! This particular season calls for you to tap into your own inner genius. What are you good at? What abilities do you have that can solve problems for others? How can you get rewarded for this ability? Money always flows in the direction of value, and if you look within, there is an abundant reserve of ability you can tap to create value for others. Now get to work!


The quality of people you hang out with determines what you attract into your life. Beware of the company of toxic people. Some people are so negative that when they enter a lighted room the whole place suddenly becomes dim! These kinds of people will corrode your destiny. Many of us are using the recession as a reason to be grumpy and blaming our negativism on the downturn. But I disagree. We are not negative because of the downturn; we are negative because of ourselves. Pressure when applied only releases what is already within. And that’s what this recession is doing to lots of us. If you want to prosper in this recession, keep positive company.


While it’s important to be positive minded, all the positive thinking in the world without a corresponding creation of value for others will do little to change our situation. We are not rewarded for our good intentions; we are rewarded for the value we bring to the marketplace. Small value brings small reward and great value begets giant reward. So how do we create more value? Become better at what you do. The more competent you become in what you do and the more people you serve by it, the greater reward you will enjoy. There is no shortcut.


If you do what everyone else is doing, you will get what everyone else is getting – and that’s not very much. If you want to prosper in this downturn, don’t just wish for it; get to work – and be willing to go the extra mile. This will give you an edge over the lazy and the myopic. Difficult times call for extra exertion of energy, and it is the men and women who are willing to make those extra exertions that will thrive in this economy. My simple question to you is, WILL YOU?


The quality of your life cannot be better than the quality of your thought. It is not our world that shapes our thought; it is our thought that shapes our world. Do not let this recession define you; you are superior. But for you to exercise your superiority, you must consciously feed your mind with words of hope and faith. Go dust off all those mind-enriching books that are turning mouldy for lack of use. And don’t just dust them off, read them! Absorb their content and personify their message. If you want to thrive in this economy, you must wholesomely nourish your mind.


We are only defeated when we acknowledge defeat. No matter what life throws in your path in this season, refuse to be deterred. You will fail and make mistakes but don’t let that discourage you. Failure is not an enemy; it’s only a harsh teacher. Learn the lessons and move on. You are not a failure because you tried and failed; you are only a failure when you refuse to try again. Try again – and keep on trying until you succeed. That’s the stuff champions are made of. You have greatness within you, and there’s no better time than now to release it!


Perhaps one of the best benefits of hard times is that it draws us closer to our Creator. Regardless of your religious conviction or affiliation, this is a good time to snuggle up to your Maker. God has not created a world in which He will be redundant or obsolete. He wants very much to be a part of our lives – if we allow him. And he is willing to help us overcome all our troubles and difficulties. Ask Him for guidance in this season, and you will be amazed at the world of abundance He may reveal to you. He is waiting for you to ask. Go on now.

Kaycee Okuma is a much sought-after motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and best-selling author with 20 books to his credit. To read more of Kaycee’s articles or get some of his free books, please go to www.kayceeokuma.com


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