8 interesting ways to keep your child engaged & happy this holiday season

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The summer holiday is here, and most parents may be thinking of what to do with their holidaying children to keep them busy, happy, away from harm and bad company.

As it is well known, holidays are time for family fun especially for those whose children are boarding students. It is also the time when sibling rivalry, power struggles and their likes come up creating tension for both parents and children. In all of this, it will interest you to know that the root cause of negative vibes for children during the holiday season is Idleness and boredom. Therefore parents have to as a matter of necessity find a way to keep children busy. How do you maximize this holiday for your children? There are so many ways to engage your children throughout the holidays especially these days where there is a serious identification with talented children in one area or the other while also emphasizing on academic excellence. Prepclass Africa’s top academic solutions provider and teacher recruitment agency brings to you top 8 interesting ways to keep your child busy during the holiday

1. Get them professional tutors to help them prepare for the session ahead or under-performed subject in the previous term.

2. Your child can learn music and be good at playing as many musical instruments.

3. Get your child a professional sport instructor to help him/her enhance and discover sport skills.

4. Help your child learn board games like chess, scrabble, and others.

5. Get a professional dance instructor/choreographer for your child.

6. Get your child a professional art teacher to help learn painting, drawing, sketching and other crafts.

7. Your kids can also learn soft skills to enable them interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

8. Your child can learn foreign languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, German etc.

N.B: Research shows that the points mentioned above helps to keep a child active and mentally alert, so as your child get engaged in these activities their mental strength is also built.


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