6 Common Questions Men Are Afraid To Answer – True Or False?

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How many times have you inadvertently started a big fight just by asking a little question? It’s a natural part of healthy, fulfilling, progressing relationships. In fact, topics ranging from serious to mundane are often approached by asking questions. But sometimes, what you think is a simple question can instil fear in the heart of the man you’re asking. That doesn’t mean these topics are off limits, just that you need to approach them in a more delicate way. You may wonder what these questions are, Here are some questions men fear.

1. “Are we exclusive?”

It’s no secret that commitment is a scary topic, but it’s also important to note that men and women are conditioned to think and act differently about it. “Women are ubiquitously taught about marriage, family, happily ever after. And men are taught to be strong and independent, that they do not need anyone, that they do not cry, to be stoic.” However, it is important for any relationship that you both remain on the same page, whatever that page may be. So while the question must be asked, anything about exclusivity could easily create a fear in a man.

2. “What’s your ex like?”

While it may seem unnecessary, it’s natural to be curious — and it may even be important if the past relationship(s) were serious. However, jealousy can easily be triggered by discussing this topic. So first, you’ll want to analyse where you are in your relationship and why it is you want to know. If you feel comfortable with the fact that he, of course, had a life before you, ask away.

3. “Where do you see us in five years?”

This isn’t really a question you’d ask someone in a new relationship, because… intense. But this is a question you’d be likely to ask a long-term partner when things feel like they’re at a standstill. “While having a plan for the future is an important step, it is also an intimidating topic for many guys. Not only does it mean having a vision for the future, but it also means having a vision with you in it.

4. “When can I meet your parents?”

This question has to do with not just your relationship, but his relationship with his family, as well. So, he might have a problem answering it, especially if you guys a=have not ben together for a while.

5. “Do you want to have kids?”

At a certain point in a relationship, this is an inevitable question that needs to be asked. Just to make sure, once again, you both are on the same page. It doesn’t have to mean you want to have kids tomorrow, but if the relationship is serious and long-term, this is a good topic to touch base on.

6. “Do you think she is pretty?”

This type of question is no one-size-fits-all problem or solution. While the response may make one woman jealous, it may have no effect on another. The response shouldn’t shake the foundations of an already secure relationship, but he will have an issue answering it.


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